The Office Escape

A Program Perfected Catered to Your Team's Interests and Activity-level

Choose from a diverse menu of fun mountaintop activities to recharge your team. A ziplining experience, a disc golf tournament, ice skating, yoga...the options are pretty much endless.
Disc Golf

Program Objectives

  • escape the office environment for a much needed change of pace.
  • recognize staff and celebrate a milestone or success.
  • create a social environment where team members are comfortable and share themselves.

Highlights & Benefits

  • winter options include: ice skating, snowshoeing, yoga, team ski/snowboard racing and more
  • summer options include: disc golf, outdoor yoga, hiking, ziplining and more
  • develop new, transferable skills
  • bring team(s) together in an environment perfect for building camaraderie and understanding
  • showcase personalities and soft skills
  • provide an environment for managed risk-taking
  • create constructive competition and collaboration
  • support fresh thinking and boundary-pushing
  • highlight the importance of preparation, forward thinking and strategy in results development

Info & Booking

Group size:15+

Physical impact: low, medium or high

Program length: full-day (6-8 hours), half-day (3-4 hours)


Bookings include program equipment and materials, facilitation and Skyride admission

Recommended enhancements: Can be combined with any other Half Day Program or Add-on.

Contact us or call 604.980.9311 for more information or to book your Mountain Team Building adventure today.