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International Day Camps

Adventure Camp

With distinct daily themes, each camp is focused on inspiring kids to get outdoors, make friends, play, connect with nature and discover  beautiful British Columbia. 
Skyride Summer at Grouse Mountain


Are you as strong as a Bald eagle, or as quick as a hummingbird? Meet our resident owl and his raptor friends at the Birds in Motion Demonstration then take a trip to our wind turbine, The Eye of the Wind.

• Eye of the Wind (wind turbine) 
• Birds in Motion Demonstration 
• Photo with an Owl


An active day of rock climbing with outstanding views of the city below. Take a hike to hidden viewpoints then cool down in water blasted from a snow machine. We finish off the day in style with the creation of a team flag for use in the well-loved game, Capture the Flag!

• Rock Climbing 
• Behind the scenes with snow making equipment 
• Capture the flag

Wednesday - Survival

Did you know that you can collect water using an old t-shirt or that a garbage bag could save your life? Our interactive activities will prepare your kids with the skills to survive in the wilderness. We will build a natural shelter, filter water and practice aim on our improved mountaintop archery range.

• Archery 
• Shelter building 
• Survival skills

Thursday - Wildlife Ranger

Do you have an aspiring wildlife biologist or wildlife ranger in the house? Explore plants and animals and the clues they leave behind. We begin with a taste test at our roof top garden, before walking in the footsteps of a Wildlife Ranger as we go behind the scenes with our Grizzly bears Grinder and Coola. We still have time to climb up to the peak in search of the illusive Pika and visit our mountaintop wind turbine. To finish off the day, camp groups will create wildlife scat to learn the differences between local species. A fun competition will follow, where the most realistic model wins!

• Behind the scenes with the bears 
• Visit the wind turbine 
• Explore and taste our edible roof top garden 
• Replica scat creation


Spend the morning with our Squamish elder at the Feast house with songs, dancing, crafts and the art of storytelling. Then spend the afternoon with our lumberjacks and try your hand at axe throwing! 

• Behind the scenes with the lumberjacks 
• World-famous Lumberjack Show 
• Axe Throwing 
• Songs, dances and stories with First Nations Elder

Dates, Times & Booking

Dates and Time:
Camp A: July 1–July 5 
Camp B: July 8–12 
Camp C: July 15–19 
Camp D: July 22–26 
Camp E: July 29–August 2 
Camp F: August 5–9 
Camp G: August 12–16 
Camp H: August 19–23 
Camp I: Aug 26–30

Dates also available outside of the dates listed above.

9:30am – 4:00pm

1 Day – $90
5 Day – $400
Options to book 1 day, 5 days, or any combinations, with no limitations to the total number of days booked.

To book please call  604.980.9311.