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International Day Camps

Junior Camp

Experience the magic of the Mountain. Led by our experienced Grouse Mountain Camp Leaders, our camps offer a unique world of excitement, Monday through Friday. This fun and active experience will teach outdoor survival skills, environmental awareness/appreciation and share local cultural and knowledge of wildlife biology.

Monday - Ranger for a Day

Is your little explorer fascinated with the great outdoors? Do they love animals and plants large and small? On ranger Monday’s we will explore the mountain from an animal’s perspective. We will hang out with the bears, explore our edible roof top garden and try our hand at tracking. Each Ranger day throughout the summer will have a different animal theme, from making a Chipmunk mask and to preparing bear ears.

• Behind the scenes with the bears 
• Edible garden experience 
• Animal themed craft

Tuesday - WILDERNESS Discovery

Is your little one always wandering off and getting lost? We will introduce the idea of map reading through a simple story themed orienteering trip, practice some camouflage skills and make a shelter outdoors to create the perfect spot for story time.

• Orienteering 
• Building a shelter 
• Camouflage skills

Wednesday- Winged Adventure

Wednesdays are all about the magic of flight! Make an Oscillating woodpecker craft, explore the talons and tongue of our resident owl, take part in a birds search and construct a set of bird wings for the group. All this and we still have time to enjoy the birds of prey demonstration.

• Oscillating woodpecker craft 
• Birds in motion demonstration 
• Photo with our resident owl 
• Make bird wings

Thursday - Making Mountains

Is your child full of how and why questions? This explosive combination of volcanoes and lumberjacks should do the trick! Today we explore the mountain's hidden hideouts, discover stories of how Grouse came to be, chat about volcanoes and make mini-mountains. Before the days is done we will also visit the World Famous Lumberjack Show and try our hand at axe throwing (rubber axes, of course).

• Explore hidden hideouts
• Mountain craft
• Lumberjack Show 
• Axe throw (rubber axes)

Friday - Uniquely BC

We begin with a First Nations presentation packed with songs, dances and stories before discovering the sacred animals of the Squamish culture and their spirit qualities. To end the day campers will practice "stealth" forest games, make a mini book and power up our snow machine.

• Songs, dances and stories with First Nations Elder 
• Mini book 
• Snow machine

Dates, Times & Booking

Dates and Time:
Camp A: July 1–July 5 
Camp B: July 8–12 
Camp C: July 15–19 
Camp D: July 22–26 
Camp E: July 29–August 2 
Camp F: August 5–9 
Camp G: August 12–16 
Camp H: August 19–23 
Camp I: Aug 26–30

Dates also available outside of the dates listed above.

9:30am – 4:00pm

1 Day – $90
5 Day – $400
Options to book 1 day, 5 days, or any combinations, with no limitations to the total number of days booked.

To book please call  604.980.9311.