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A sure sign that spring has officially arrived at the Peak of Vancouver, our resident Grizzlies Grinder and Coola have emerged from their winter-long nap to stretch their legs. This was the bears’ 15th hibernation at the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife and both Grinder and Coola celebrated their 15th birthdays while in hibernation. 

Click here to watch a video of their playful emergence. 

Grinder and Coola’s habitat will be strategically expanded over the next while, emulating the experience in the wild, where Grizzly bears gradually increase their footprint within a territory.

The next time you visit Grouse Mountain, be sure to stop by their habitat and say hello.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17th, our Chalet facilities will be closing at 4pm (with last food & beverage seatings at 3pm) due to a private event. The Rusty Rail BBQ, BeaverTails and The Grizzly Bear Lookout Café  will remain open. Additionally, a licenced BBQ will be available in the mountaintop Plaza for added outdoor dining enjoyment. Look for on-site signage providing direction to the Theatre in the Sky and washrooms.