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Congratulations to "Patty's Girls" on winning the $1000 grand prize for our SOS Children's Gingerbread Village Challenge! There were so many incredible creations and in the end it came down neck-and-neck, but Patty's Girls pulled out the win.

Here is a guest post from Melanie Roy of Patty's Girls, with the rest of the results immediately following:

Team Patty’s Girls is a combination of my sister, Silvie, and I. We've been baking together ever since our mom would let us use the oven, and have both taken up cake decorating as a hobby in our spare time. 

Our display this year “Canadian Woodland Christmas” required over 50 hours of work to complete, and involved pulling molten sugar into a tiny campfire (a first for us), building a log cabin out of individually rolled gingerbread logs, and of course sculpting over twenty little critters to populate the woodlands! 

We used six batches of gingerbread dough, over 12 pounds of icing sugar, and had to consult with a specialized gingerbread plumber to install the gingerbread outhouse. Ok, maybe not that last part.

We also encountered a minor setback when someone (we won’t point fingers) mistook a load bearing roof piece for a regular cookie and ate it. All in all, we had a great time and built a house that we were proud of!

We considered ourselves extremely lucky to have won the competition last year, and so this year we decided as a team that if we did win a prize, we would donate it to SOS Children’s Village BC, the charity behind the competition. They are a fantastic organization that does amazing things for kids right here in the Lower Mainland. Having grown up here, neither of us could think of a more worthy cause.

We were completely surprised to have won the top prize this year (the competition was so close and the other entries were stunning!), but so thrilled to be able to donate our prize to SOS BC! Finally, we have to extend a huge thanks to Grouse Mountain and the fantastic corporate sponsors for backing such a fun event and worthwhile cause.

The Official Results

1) Woodlands Christmas
Team Name: Patty’s Girls
Team: Patty’s Girls consists of Silvie Roy, Melanie Roy, Patrick Roy, Jared Bunko, Thomas Roy and Daniel Roy
Sponsor: Industrial Alliance, Insurance and Financial Services 

2. ) Twas the Night Before Christmas
Team Name: The Sweet Shop 
Team: Monica Marques, Debbie, Alex, Danny and Fatima
Sponsor: Re/Max

3.) Formwerks Single Family Home
Team Name: Beaucoup Formwerks
Team: Oliver Bernardino, Betty Hung, Tyler Bouchard and Kirby Armstrong
Sponsor: Formwerks

Top High School Team: 

Team Name: Panorama Ridge
Team: Madeline Wong, Amy Kim, Angela Prive, Maddie Prive, Justine Bhattal, Caleb Ashmeade, Emily Bruschetta, Stephanie Scott, Lauren Griffith, Josh Dreger, Kirsten Featherstone, Hannah McQueen, Steven Miller, Rukhsar Omar, Michelle Klick, and Matt Doan