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Grouse Mountain is an amazing place. It provides access and insight into BC's wilderness, culture and way of life. Keeping that naturalness and beauty is something we care about greatly. Leading up to Earth Day 2017 we want to share with you some of the ways we’re working to be more sustainable. While our journey is ongoing and there are always ways to improve, here’s a look at some of the steps we’re taking towards reducing our environmental footprint.

As Earth Day approaches, conversations about sustainability and the environment come to the forefront. But, we believe there are opportunities for those conversations to take place every day. 

Being located so close to the City yet on the edge of the wilderness and welcoming over 1.3 million visitors a year, Grouse Mountain is in a unique position to inspire conversations about sustainability and ways that collectively we can work to reduced our impact on the planet. 

Education is an important foundation for sustainability. Over 15,000 school children participate in Grouse Mountain’s Adventures in Education Programs every year. Through these programs we aim to create awareness amongst today’s youth about their environment, surrounding wildlife and the many things they can do to sustain and support both. 

In addition to more formal education programs, just sharing our natural spaces with visitors can inspire a greater appreciation for the environment. There are opportunities for all visitors to learn something about our uniquely British Columbian flora and fauna. Learn about the hibernation habits of Grizzly bears from a Ranger Talk at our Refuge for Endangered Wildlife or venture into the forest on a Guided Eco-Walk.

Our hope is for visitors to leave Grouse Mountain with a greater appreciation for the beauty of our natural environment and for that appreciation to help stimulate conversations about what we can do to protect it.