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July 16th, 2011. Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, B.C.  
This morning, alongside the beach and skyline of Downtown Vancouver over 400 participants, united at the Ambleside Park start line to tackle breast cancer and a 16 kilometer race to the Peak of Grouse Mountain. Rain didn't stop individual and relay team Seak The Peakers enduring a fun but grueling 1,245 ft elevation gain and uphill trek in an effort to raise valuable funds for Rethink Breast Cancer. This year's Seek the Peak winner, 21-year old Sean Stephens-Whale, was only 10 seconds short of the race record, set in 2006, with a time of 1:24:18. 

Also, among the participants today was 14 year old Vancouver actress Metreya Fedor who is the star of YTV's Mr. Young. Ms Fedor decided to take part in Seek The Peak this year as a relay team member in support of her friend Arden, whose mom is battling metastatic breast cancer. Metreya said after the race that entering Seek The Peak, "has really taught me and all of our friends that by getting involved and raising funds that we can truly make a difference".

Grouse Mountain and Rethink Breast Cancer are pleased that Seek the Peak has entered its eighth successful year bringing the fundraising total close to a quarter of a million dollars. "It is still astounding to watch each year how the motivation of improving the lives of cancer patients propels participants up the Mountain. The great times we are seeing again this year definitely reflect that", explains Grouse Mountain General Manager Michael Cameron. 

The valuable funds raised by Seek The Peakers this year will help Rethink expand their support programs to help young women dealing with breast cancer and enabled them to invest in several promising young researchers in British Columbia. Grouse Mountain would like to thank all the volunteers, racers and organizers who are an eclectic group of passionate individuals bound together with the shared goal to wipe out breast cancer. 

The challenging 16km course starts at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, winds its way through North Vancouver, and then heads up the legendary Grouse Grind to the Peak of Vancouver. The event is presented by Whistler Water, Oakley and a wide-range of other sponsors.

Seek The Peak 2011 Results: 
Top Solo Male: Sean Stephens-Whale - 1:24:28 
Top Solo Female: Jackie Spencer - 1:46:43 

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